Frome Pilates Studio is fully equipped with professional apparatus from Peak Pilates

The Cadillac

The Cadillac is the biggest piece of apparatus in the studio. It’s size may be a little intimidating but with its stable, raised bed and multiple accessories, bars and springs it offers the opportunity to flow through a workout like no other piece of kit.

Perfect for beginners and advance students alike the Cadillac is an accessible piece of equipment on which 100’s of Pilates exercises can be learnt and performed.

The Reformer

Maybe one of the most recognisable and well known pieces of Pilates equipment is the Reformer. A horizontal carriage that glides within its frame with variable spring tensions – to offer both assistance and resistance to Pilates exercises.

The reformer allows you to work in an even and uniform way. Supporting your movements so you can really focus in and feel any difference and imbalances in your body.

High Ladder Barrel

With an upholstered barrel attached to and adjustable wooden frame and ladder rungs the ladder barrel has no moving parts or springs. It’s just you and your body!

Perfect for strengthening and stretching bits of your body in a supported and safe way.

(we call him Brian by the way)

MVE Chair

The Peak Pilates MVE chair has both a large seat pad and wide pedal with 4 different resistance settings on the springs it really can accommodate all shapes, sizes and strengths.

Used for 100’s of exercises in the Pilates repertoire, the chair is a really versatile piece of equipment for standing, sitting and prone work.

And much more...

The studio is also equipped with a Ped-o-Pull, Spine corrector, Pilates rings, weighted balls, hand weights and more!

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