The Classical Pilates system is designed to work the body through a full range of movements.

Following the original method of contrology, put together by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th Century, classical Pilates encompasses the whole studio and apparatus. Pilates lengthens and strengthens, improves balance, posture and control as well as promoting focus and calm.

What is Pilates good for?

The benefits of Pilates

Hear what my clients have to say

For me Pilates demands precision and attention to detail. Having a 1:1 session is the best way for me to get results.
Robert C
I choose 1: 1 lessons as the class is tailored to my individual needs. After a class my body feels like a completed jigsaw puzzle.
Julia L
1:1 sessions give detailed improvement to the work I do. Having Laura's sole attention this makes it more fun and constructive.
Sara L
1:1 sessions really allow me to push myself and to master Pilates moves in a way that cannot be done in a group class.
Julia D