Hi, I'm Laura - founder & instructor at Frome Pilates Studio

I’ve been practising Pilates for over fifteen years and teaching classical Pilates for the last four.

I’m passionate about the Pilates method, having experienced the benefits within my own body and mind and love to share that passion with my clients.

I completed my comprehensive Peak Pilates instructor training with the Karen Ingram at Barefoot Studio in Wales and opened my own private 1:2:1 studio in 2019.

With consistent practise Pilates becomes part of your life – it walks with you out of the studio leaving you full of life and ready for anything – come and join me!


Classical Equipment Pilates!

Discovering Classical equipment Pilates was a real turning point for me. I knew Jospeh Pilates was a real person, I knew he wore big pants (Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

But – I didn’t know that there was an order of things. A pre-devised way of putting exercises together to make a flowing, connected class, that felt like one exercise from beginning to end. I’d read his book “Return to Life”

I also didn’t know about the apparatus – and, I kid you not, this has to be one of my favourite discoveries of all time!

Following my passion and my dream to share this amazing method of exercise.